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Short Story 2020
Alota Fit is just what it sounds like, a lot of fitness. I like to think of it as a gateway to fitness, and not just physical fitness, but mental and financial fitness as well.

My name is Troy and I'm the owner of Alota Fit. Born in 81, father, husband, amateur pugilist and mixed martial artist, certified personal trainer, group fitness trainer, and someone who loves helping other people kick ass at life.

I originally started Alota Fit as my very own group fitness creation, but due to all of the new regulations regarding COVID-19, as well as other issues, we were forced to shut down, so we are now shifting our focus to the virtual world.

Here you will find a list of resources, separated into three main categories, to help you on your journey to fitness. Whether it be physical, mental, or financial, you'll find the tools to help you here.
-Troy W., Alota Fit
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